Edwards Communities’ Tips & Suggestions For Successful Apartment Living – First Quarter 2019

When you rent an apartment with Edwards Communities, you are choosing to make your home with us. We consider that an honor, and want your experience to be a positive one from the time you move in until the end of your lease. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we have learned a few things about apartment living that we’d like to share with you.

We’ve compiled a full year’s worth of weekly tips and suggestions that will help you live successfully in your apartment —such as decorating ideas, safety pointers, cleaning shortcuts and more. Here’s our Tips List for the first quarter of 2018:

Tip #27: Don’t forget to clean your showerhead! Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, tie it around the nozzle and soak it overnight.










Tip #28: Drawer and closet separators will help you save space and keep your items organized.











Tip #29: For extra security on your sliding door, place a pole or piece of wood on the inside track.











Tip #30: Don’t use your balcony for storage. Keep your valuables like your bike locked inside.











Tip #31: Looking to save money on your heating bills during the winter months? Place a draft stopper or rolled up towel along the bottom of your door or windows, or cover your windows with bubble wrap or a window insulation kit.










Tip #32: When you first move in, buy only the furnishings you need such as a bed, small dresser and shower curtain. Live in your apartment for a few days before you decide what you really need to buy.










Tip #33: A slow cooker can be a real time saver and convenience after a long day at work. Throw in some chicken breasts, red potatoes and Italian dressing and set it on low. When you get home, dinner is served!










Tip #34: To save money and time, consider preparing meals for the week on Sundays. Freeze in portion sized containers and use it for lunches or dinners throughout the week.










Tip #35: A clothes-drying rack will save on your electric bill and the wear and tear on your clothes.











Tip #36: Get the most out of your heating and AC – make sure your furniture is not blocking your floor registers.











Tip #37: As they burn out, replace your light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. They are more expensive, but are energy efficient and will last longer.










Tip #38: If your community allows pets, cats can make great roommates. They are low maintenance, can be kept inside at all times, and can entertain themselves for hours.










Tip #39: Take advantage of the amenities your community offers. Cancel your gym membership for your community’s pool, fitness center and social events.










We hope you found these apartment living tips helpful! We’ll have a whole new Tips List for you next quarter. If you have any questions about Edwards Communities, our communities’ beautiful amenities, or where they are located, please visit our website!